Impressions Vanity Touch Pro Makeup Mirror

Rose gold? Check. 'Diamonds?' Check. Bluetooth? Check. Lighted Makeup Mirror? Check. 20% off coupon? Check. Damn it. Now I have to buy it. Exactly how purchasing this item went on a cool December day.

I wasn't actually even in the market for it. I think I stumbled upon it while I was searching Bed, Bath, & Beyond's website for just a regular small mirror to partner with my homemade vanity setup. Soon enough I found myself interested and watching YouTube reviews on it, which I think at the time there was a max of a whopping two reviews.

When it arrived I found myself quickly falling for the rose gold and bling, I plugged it in to charge and couldn't wait to use it. My first times using it I had no complaints, probably a mixture of puppy love and new product hype. Even still I use it every time I get ready in conjunction with my homemade vanity. 

The Impressions Vanity outputs LED cool light and my vanity outputs warm light so with that combination it's nice to see the difference in lighting while applying makeup.  The mirror is rechargeable and bluetooth compatible. With the bluetooth you can play music through the speakers on the mirror and even talk on a phone call. I haven't used the phone call feature. Who talks on the phone anymore?

The battery life is decent, but even with not using the mirror lightly (I don't do full glam on a daily basis) it does seem to need a charge often and that with mostly just using the lights and not using the bluetooth functions.

The bluetooth is nice to have on the occasions I feel like using the mirror to jam out, but with that being said the speaker quality is not the best. There's often a rattling within the speaker if the music is on the louder side. I would use another speaker if you're trying to really get into the music.

If you're in the market for a lighted mirror, this one is certainly up for consideration, but I would really check the market for some newer generation products and consider the price. I definitely wouldn't pay full price which is $199 at Impressions Vanity even with my 20% off at Bed Bath & Beyond I'm not sure it's worth what I'm getting out of it. I tried to video the speaker being used as an example to the audio quality, but I'm not sure you'll really be able to hear the rattling that the camera picked up through the music. The video also showcases a bit of the lighting and 360 swivel of the mirror.

This review was not sponsored by Impressions Vanity.

Song in video is Time Will Tell by Gregory Alan Isakov.