Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Pallete

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. What can I say about this palette that hasn't been said before? The hype is real. It really is a must have. It's definitely a staple in my makeup routine. I reach for it 90% of the time because it's so easy to use. The color story is beautiful. You can tone your look down or spice it up. You can make just about anything happen just using this palette. 

I almost slept on this. I had missed the first few restocks and by the time they were restocked more regularly I was like how could this palette actually live up to the amount of hype that has surrounded it since it was announced. Every review was glowing, and as someone who wasn't 100% invested in the eyeshadow palettes Morphe had released before I wasn't all in yet.

My niece got at like the second or third restock and only had glowing reviews of it. She was actually the one who got me the Ulta version (just different packaging) for Christmas. I was shook pretty much immediately. I don't know how I could have ever doubted Jaclyn. She did some magic with this palette. 

I was pretty much exclusively using Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes before, but now it seems to just be me reaching for this Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette. It really is a powerhouse.

This post was not sponsored by Jaclyn Hill or Morphe.