Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Kits


The infamous Kylie Matte Liquid Lip Kits. I started hard core collecting the Kylie products in 2016. I was able to collect all the matte lip kits, glosses, metals, and even the bronze palette until Kylie's first birthday collection. SHE LIED! THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH TO GO AROUND! Only half serious there.

After that, I gave up on collecting each and every piece of Kylie Cosmetics, which really is a good thing because I don't make enough money for that.

I had also cooled off on the matte formula because it seemed to be very hit or miss on me. It could have totally been my error. It was early in my makeup journey; Kylie Cosmetics was the one thing that made me want to start really getting into makeup as more than just a half-assed chore. Some might blame formula inconsistencies between different colors, but I swear I could wear a color one day and have perfect all day wear. Then, the next time I put it on it would ball and flake up within an hour or two and just be both unsightly and uncomfortable, and that was without any interference with food or anything like that.

I spent awhile doing trial and error on different kits using it with and without the lip liner, exfoliating and moisturizing lips. I could not figure out what was causing the formula to randomly fail on me. The only thing I could make up in my mind is that maybe since I have oily skin that sometimes my lips were oily (nothing in reality I've ever noticed before) and that caused the formula to break down prematurely on occasion.

I took a long break from Kylie Cosmetics just watching the new launches from afar until recently when I decided it was time to try the velvet formula, review on that soon. I do want to revisit the matte lip kits and see if maybe the formula and I can get along once again. I've been using the lip liners non-stop with other liquid lipsticks and they're a staple in my beauty routine, maybe the liquid lipsticks can make their way up there too.

This post was not sponsored by Kylie Cosmetics.