CELINE Phantom Luggage

The Celine Phantom Luggage snuck its way on to my wishlist solely due to the effortlessly chic stylings of the Kardashians. The blacked out leather version was what I was looking for on a snowy January morning on the Fashionphile website, but when I stumbled across this large suede Phantom in the color Midnight I was immediately smitten.

If you've read my other reviews on the Balenciage Work or the Givenchy Nightingale you'll know my love for Fashionphile is real. I adore the layaway program. This purchase was no exception I popped the bag in the cart and made my first layaway payment and soon enough it had arrived at my doorstep.

If you've ever seen a Phantom in person you'll know it's a larger bag. If you've ever seen the large version of the Phantom you'll know it's basically luggage. I wasn't turned away by the size though. I was always a big bag girl.

It literally fit everything that you could want. I pretty much think it would be near impossible to actually fill it up. The only way you could would be to throw in a jacket or something because it is massive

With that being said, in my years spent with the beautiful baby. I did start using it less and less because I was subconsciously starting to downsize in the bag department. 

As far as styling goes, the Kardashians had it right. The Phantom does transcend all types of clothing. You can't go wrong with jeans and a tee, and the Phantom classes up sweats on a lazy day.

I still am utterly in love with the bag, but I just wasn't reaching for it anymore and a new baby caught my eye. More on that later. I sold it back to Fashionphile so it could hopefully find another loving home. 

This post was not sponsored by Fashionphile.

Melinda Scoggins