BALENCIAGA Agneau Work in Jacinthe purchased from Fashionphile in 2015.

BALENCIAGA Agneau Work in Maldives purchased from Fashionphile in 2015.

I've been a Balenciaga fan since the mid 2000's when the motorcycle bag started making it's way through Hollywood. I'd see everyone from Nicole Richie to Vanessa Hudgens lugging their desired styles around looking so effortlessly chic and I would continuously lust after them. I was in my early high school days back then and there was absolutely no way I could afford one so I would stick to the look-alikes you could find on the internet and in the local mall, nothing to write home about, but still I would be occasionally complimented on then and I would feel like a local celebrity for about half a second at least.

Cut to 2015 when I had finally joined the world of pre-loved luxury goods and found a Balenciaga Work in the color Maldives, a beautiful aqua/teal color featured below. The work bag was slightly different than the normal bags the Hollywood starlets had glued to their side in 2005. It was larger and did not come with a shoulder strap, but I was always a big bag kind of girl so I put it on layaway.

When the bag arrived I fell more in love with it then I thought I would. It could hold everything and more that I wanted or needed to carry around. The lack of shoulder strap didn't bother me. I have the type of shoulders that never seem to want to hold a bag up anyways. I spend more effort trying to keep the bag from sliding off my shoulder then I would just carrying it handheld or in the crook of my arm.

I loved the bag so much that I ended up putting another Work on layaway the next month. This time in a gorgeous purple/blue/gray color called Jacinthe.

Purchasing them both of Fashionphile was a breeze, I was able to put them on layaway paying on them a little at time instead of in one lump sum. I also ended up taking advantage of Fashionphile's buy back program a couple months later to help fund one of my all time dream bags that just so happened to have popped up on Fashionphile.

With that being said, I definitely miss both of the Work totes. I hope to pick up another one day. If you're interested check out what Fashionphile has to offer. They stand behind the authenticity of the items they sell and offer a lifetime guarantee. I'm not affiliated with them in any way other than just being a fan of the company. If you're interested in luxury goods at more affordable prices you can't go wrong with checking them out.

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