GIVENCHY Nightingale

GIVENCHY Lambskin Medium Nightingale in Burgundy purchased from Fashionphile in 2014.

The Givenchy Nightingale is maybe not the most popular designer handbag, but it always had a special place on my designer wishlist. Caught on the arms of Ashley Olsen and Hilary Duff among others, it had a certain something that always caught my attention.

In my early Fashionphile scavenging days I found this beauty on the site and could not resist. I put it on layaway and before I knew it I had my first ever designer handbag.

It was everything I had hoped for and more. The only problem I had was that it was the medium size and much smaller than the bags I was used to carrying. Don't get me wrong though it actually fit everything I needed to carry and even more, but it was a bag you kind of had to strategically place your items in so that they were easily accessible; if you didn't you were destined to have whatever you were looking for make its way to the bottom of the bag and you'd have to dig for it.

Even with having to go on the occasionally dig for my wallet or keys, the bag was such a dream. The leather was buttery, the details were on point, and somehow it seemed to go with every outfit. The shoulder strap was nice to have and even though the handles didn't fold down they never actually seemed to be in the way.

The only other problem I had was that I had caught the Fashionphile bug and had found a Balenciaga bag that also made its way to my layaway cutting my time with the Nightingale short. I did love the bag and intend on keeping my eye out for another one day maybe in the large size.

If you're interested check out what Fashionphile has to offer. They stand behind the authenticity of the items they sell and offer a lifetime guarantee. I'm not affiliated with them in any way other than just being a fan of the company. If you're interested in luxury goods at more affordable prices you can't go wrong with checking them out.

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