The Holidays

Ahh, the holidays. The time that comes around testing the willpower of each and every person who is dieting or lifestyle changing, whichever name you may prefer. It got me this year. I tried so hard but it went downhill starting with my birthday then towards Christmas and went way downhill after New Year's. How did I let it slide so much AFTER the New Year?

As of January 15th I had reached 47.9 pounds lost since August 19th, not too shabby right? Well as of March 4th I gained back 10.5 pounds. Not good, not good at all.

Starting tomorrow I'll be back with tracking what I eat and then plan to transition into working out after I gain some momentum. That's the route I started with in August so I'm hoping it works this time as well.

I'm just trying to gain enough strength to ignore my friends, Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza, and Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough Ice Cream. They've been too good to me lately.

Not sponsored by Sam's Choice or Ben & Jerry's. Product photos retrieved from Google Images.